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Steve McQueen

The King of Cool - The Original

Steve McQueen’s passion for racing came from a yearning that drove a whole generation that he became a symbol for.

„I don’t know why I am so famous,“ he said honestly. “Maybe it is because people can identify with me because I came from the gutter.“ ...

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is a long-distance race with unique flair and the toughest conditions for racer and car alike.

The legendary Ford GT40 sports car in Gulf cars won the Le Mans for this first time in 1968. Later it was followed by the legendary Porsche 917 ...

Steve McQueen financed and produced the 1971 film Le Mans at a high risk for himself, but created a racecar driver epic that still fascinates today.

GPO has a lot of original photos from the original set photographer of Le Mans, excerpts can be acquired in our online shop in the MEDIA section.

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