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Store Duesseldorf

Harffstr. 110a, 40591 Duesseldorf, Tel. +49 211-5669221

With its 19000m² in the heart of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Classic Remise is probably the most beautiful classic car center in the world – a shrine to pure car joy. “The variety of cars in the display cases, workshops and dealer areas are an unparalleled collection of car classics, all under one roof  – the historically preserved Ringlokschuppens!“ said center manager Mika Hahn.

The Grandprix Originals Store, the first of its kind, was founded in 2006 when the Remise opened its doors, although for the first six years it was called MEILENWERK. Since then, the Düsseldorf store has been offering the classic car scene its unique collection of drive & lifestyle.

We call it drive & lifestyle because, on the one hand,  we offer a large selection of practical driving wear and accessories for stylish classic and modern car drivers. We feature the finest in leather gloves, leather jackets, travel gear and the highly sought after GRANDPRIX sneakers in an array of colors and sizes. Whoever loves their car, loves GPO’s styles and wears them at events, fairs, rallyes or in their leisure time. It’s lifestyle, on the other hand, because there is a fine selection of styles in the latest colors and we work with brands like Milestone, Oakwood, Barbour, Petrol, Aeronautica and Benvenuto, just to name a few.

In the center of it all is our own brand – GRANDPRIX ORIGINALS!

Visit our store in Dusseldorf and you will delve into the world of automobile culture, with all of its history, logos, brands and clothing. The store’s layout, a retro oak tree design, will remind you of a retailer straight out of 60’s and is coupled with an interior featuring a nice collection of modern and decorative elements. Store managers Michael Ebert, Isabell Basile and Kerstin Hebestreit are looking forwad to your visit and the chance to introduce you to their wide range of products and services. (see below).

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