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Store Frankfurt

Orberstr. 4a, 60386 Frankfurt, Tel. +49 69-90475544

At the end of 2010,  the impressive store in the brick factory that formerly housed farm machinery manufacturer Mayfarth was opened in Frankfurt.

Part of the labor-intensive restoration of the building was the making of ten glass workshops. The craft and technical perfection that went into their creation, made them perfect home for almost all of the eras and brands that have shaped automotive culture and history.

The fashion to accompany them can be found in the GRANDPRIX ORIGINALS store on the ground floor next to the front side entrance. Once inside, store manager Anna Lugli, will treat you to the magical charm of the drive & lifestyle collection.

We call it drive & lifestyle because, on the one hand,  we offer a large selection of practical driving wear and accessories for stylish classic and modern car drivers. We feature the finest in leather gloves, leather jackets, travel gear and the highly sought after GRANDPRIX sneakers in an array of colors and sizes. Whoever loves their car, loves GPO’s styles and wears them at events, fairs, rallyes or in their leisure time. It’s lifestyle, on the other hand, because there is a fine selection of styles in the latest colors and we work with brands like Milestone, Oakwood, Barbour, Petrol, Aeronautica and Benvenuto, just to name a few.

In the center of it all is our own brand – GRANDPRIX ORIGINALS!

Visit our store in Frankfurt, which features a successful blend of retro and modern elements. Starting in spring, you can stop by our new shoe lounge and browse through the largest selection of sneakers we have ever offered while enjoying a gratis cool drink or hot espresso. Explore the world of automobile culture, with all of its history, logos, brands and clothing. Selma Inan and Daria Dincer are looking forward to seeing you there!

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